US Patent No. 11,285,986 issued 03-29-2022

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What is the Turn Bar ?

Although the current design and operation of zero turn lawn mowers is far superior to other lawn mowers, including walk behind models, self propelled, stand on and steering wheel controlled lawn tractors, this innovation for zero turn lawn mowers is unique in that it combines a familiar steering feel of a lawn tractor and the maneuverability of a zero turn lawn mower with very easy to intuitive and single handed control by way of an easy to add attachment that will fit most zero turn lawn mowers.

This is a new innovation that adds ability to use a single hand for steering, speed and direction control of the zero turn lawnmower. This new ability enhances the already excellent performance maneuverability and efficiency and increases the overall usability and simplifies the operation with easy hand motion.

Intuitive Steering Control

Safety in braking


Current alternatives

This product in new to the market and innovative. There are no other steering and control alternative to a zero turn lawn mower on the market. Potential competitors are the large volume manufacturers of lawn mowers including major players Toro, Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Deere & Company, and Husqvarna. According to IBISWorld Industry Report OD6151, these major companies account for 49.3% of the competition and another 50.7% of other companies which could develop a similar product because they have financial and industrial resources to produce a similar product.Alternative lawn mower options including push mowers, self propelled walk behind, vertical self propelled commercial lawn mowers and lawn tractors all require two hands for steering control, speed, turning and direction of movement forward or backward.