US Patent No. 11,285,986 issued 03-29-2022


Enable easy intuitive control, maneuvering, steering and speed control with simple motions using one hand if desired

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What is the Turn Bar?

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Multiple Control Modes

12 modes of control with a single hand

  • Forward Straight

  • Forward Right Turn

  • Forward Left Turn

  • Right 360° - true zero turn

  • Left 360° - true zero turn

  • Reverse Straight

  • Reverse Left Turn

  • Reverse Right Turn

  • Reverse 180° left rotate to forward

  • Forward 180° left rotate to reverse

  • Reverse 180° right rotate to forward

  • Forward 180° right rotate to reverse

MUCH BETTER THAN Traditional Steering Wheel Controlled Riding

Intuitive Steering Control.

Safety in Braking.

Enables Ability to hydrate while operating.

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Our Solution

I have designed an innovative zero turn lawn mower steering attachment "EZ TURN BAR" to enable easy intuitive control,maneuvering, steering, and speed control with simple motions using one hand if desired.

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The Purpose

It is our hope that existing users of Zero Turn Lawn Mowers will find the EZ Turn Handle complements the easy use of their mower. We'd like to to see an EZ Turn Handle on residential mowers and commercial mowers on residential lawns, cities, municipalities, parks and recreation, golf courses and anywhere maintenance of lawns is required. This handle is designed to free up one hand for picking up debris, hydrating or waving at your neighbor.

The Innovation

The EZ Turn Handle is new to the market and innovative. There are no other steering and control alternatives to a zero turn lawn mower on the market. We have designed the EZ Turn Handle to fit most mowers and provide easy do-it-yourself installation with no tools or special skills required to start using your EZ Turn Handle immediately. Easy installation instructions are included with every EZ Turn Handle order.